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Want to know more about your health ?

The Project

The purpose of this study is to address the need of people to see health as a more global state of well-being.

Furthermore, it will help us as student to apply the positive health model concept in order to pinpoint potential behavior change needs.


Participants will have the chance to learn more about their current overall well-being and target specific points in order to make changes from evidence-based

The Steps

Step 1

Fill in the questionnaire to create an overview of current health.

Step 2

From this, we will target specific points and create customized questions.

Step 3

You will receive those questions to help you define more specific objectives to improve previous results.

Step 4

Start the year with a real, meaningful personal objective to accomplish.

What is health to us?


Health is having a body which allows you to do your everyday activities as well as the ones you want


Health is finding acceptance, purpose and meaning to your life and actions.


Health is being able to manage time, changes, money, work, and limitations


Health is feeling happy, safe, well balanced, and good in your own skin

Interested in knowing more about your health?
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